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Life Development Courses

Have you ever wondered what the details were about fasting? Or what is involved in spiritual warfare? Or how can I hear from God better than I do now? If these questions or others like it have ever come to mind, then we at COLG Leland would like to introduce you to our Life Development Courses.

From the man or woman who has been serving the Lord for years to those who have just committed their lives to Christ, these classes are designed to give you an extensive knowledge of your faith as well as steps to applying it to your life. These classes will help you with your personal walk and relationship with the Lord and will also prepare you to share your faith with others.

Within one year's time, you can go from someone who has just heard the name of Jesus for the first time to someone who is capable of leading others to Christ and being a spiritual leader. If you are serious about your walk, then we hope you consider taking these classes. To find out more information about the Life Developement Courses click here.

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